Chef Colin’s Top 10 Kitchen Tools He Can’t Live Without

A good meal is like a symphony. At Roundabout Catering, flavors and textures come together to create unique dining experiences. Food has the power to inspire nostalgia, bring people together and create new memories. There are thousands of dishes to be made, but they all have one thing in common: they…

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Event Planning Trends in Reno - Local and Social

Not everyone has an eye-for-detail, or can manage the difficult task of balancing style and creativity. Knowing what’s haute and what’s not in the catering and event planning world isn’t easy, so if you’re looking for some ideas, here are just a couple of event planning trends in Reno that have been seen

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Catering for Reno and Tahoe Corporate Events

How to Impress Your Boss in 3 Easy Steps Whether you work at a startup, a small company, or a large corporation and regardless of what industry you work in, most of us are generally trying to strive towards something. If not, well… that’s a whole ‘nother discussion for a

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